Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blood Ties Wallpaper

Since the first 12 episodes of Blood Ties have already aired in the U.S. on Lifetime, production stills and screen captured images are easy to come by. So I opened up some of the higher resolution images in Photoshop and made a new wallpaper.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blood Ties: A Crime Series with Bite

Ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel ended, TV just hasn't been the same for me. Sure, I still get my weekly David Boreanaz fix via the FOX show Bones, but what I've been missing is having a sexy vamp to drool over and a female heroine who kicks ass. Thanks to CityTV and Space, my void has been filled with the arrival of Blood Ties, a new crime series with "bite". I'm digging that slogan. It's corny, but cute--so I used it in the title for this post.

I just finished re-watching the series premiere on Space. It was nice of the station to air an encore presentation of the 2 hour pilot "Blood Price." I enjoyed the show just as much today, as I did on its first-run last night. For someone suffering from night blindness, P.I. Vicki Nelson
(Christina Cox) sure knows how to kick ass. But, the demons will be the least of her problems once her ex-partner / ex-boyfriend Detective Mike Celluci (Dylan Neal) meets his rival, Vicki's new partner Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid).

Move over Angel (David Boreanaz) and Lestat (Stuart Townsend), it's time to make room for Henry. He's a 480 year old vampire with a killer smile. If the smile alone is not enough to woo you, his lineage will. He's the bastard son of one of history's most famous figures--HenryVIII. He's not out to save the world either. Henry's life revolves around one thing....passion. There's his passion for art and literature, which he's merged into a career as a graphic novelist. However, his greatest passion is sex. It sustains hims--literally. This vampire quenches his blood lust during sex. Henry Fitzroy is quite the ladies man....finding his next meal is not a difficult task! As proof, here's an excerpt from the pilot transcript:
Blonde: {in bed, moaning} "That was delicious."

Henry: {rolls off the blonde, wipes away the blood from the corner of his mouth} "You have no idea."

Blonde: "From your graphic novels, I thought that you'd be dark and angry. I never figured you for a lover."

Henry: "Passion is at the centre of my world. There's nothing else worth living for."

Blonde: "'re smooth. I bet that you'll even say that you'll call me."

Henry: "You's sad to see someone so young be so cynical."

Blonde: "...Like you're all of 23."

Henry: "Looks can be deceiving."
YouTube is also a wonderful thing. It's helping with my new Henry Fitzroy obsession. Make sure to check out the Henry and Vicki Mvids at the bottom of the blog.